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Assembling and installation of plastic fences

Our company offers a unique installation of vinyl fencing of your choice. Each fence has a variety of colors, shades, sizes and options.

We provide the most durable, high-quality, vinyl material designed for low prices.

Vinyl fence bears absolutely any weather conditions.


For example, Gold Hous fence and similar structures have connections (without the harmful lead stabilizers) without PVC requires virtually no maintenance.


Vinyl such samples have been designed to withstand bad weather and also fading by ultraviolet light and exposure to the elements.

Fences can withstand damage from the elements, which then must be cleaned of rust, splinters, rot, blister or corrosion, where vinyl is superior to wood and metal.


After heavy rain, thunderstorms vinyl fence will not rot, he does not lose color, shine, and will maintain its efficiency and quality for many years to come.


Installation of fences made of PVC

If you want to upgrade the yard, consider installing from Gold Hous. Fences are an ideal substitute for traditional wood and metal fences.

The combination of specially developed vinyl with patented crop production technology, we have vinyl fences, In a place with a gate, that have a texture of wood grain.


In stock we have a lot of different barriers (fencing for areas of home, garden, horses, territory, and many others).

By installing our fences, you can not worry that your fence will fade or change color, the fence will never be in need of repair, painting or staining, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.


Our highly qualified specialists as soon as possible will make your order in the best possible way.

Before you make a choice, check out the photos of our work in the section of the gallery.

We remind you that in the gallery are only a small part of the projects that we offer.



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